Agora Microfinance Announces the Launch of Their New Website

The global microfinance investor Agora Microfinance has announced the launch of its new website. With the aim of enhancing the company’s online presence and ensuring that the company can reach more people across the world.

Agora Microfinance has worked with Blue Whale Media, a North West UK website design and marketing agency, to help develop and redesign the current website. The new design offers the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality. With a new design, the online and digital presence of Agora Microfinance will be enhanced and ensure the company is recognisable in a busy market sector.

Agora Microfinance was first established in 2009; the company began operating in 2011 after the team conducted two years of research. The company’s mission is to maximise the social returns in microfinance with the purpose of increasing rural financial inclusion throughout Asia and Africa. As a microfinance operator, they provide the facilities to build long-term funding links in countries such as India, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya and more.

Within the last year, Agora Microfinance has continued to progress with the envisaged plans; they ended 2021 on a strong footing, hoping to continue to extend their coverage throughout 2022 with long-term impact and a renewed focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Within the Agora Microfinance group, two other companies operate within the same sector. AMZ (Agora Microfinance Zambia) and Moringaway have the same goal of providing rural financial inclusion for those in need.

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The Agora Microfinance Group has now gained a valuable marketing and technology partner with Blue Whale Media. With the launch of the new website comes opportunities for Agora Microfinance, as the website will help drive forward their mission and goals. It will also provide a long-term solution that continues to enable them to be a global leader within the microfinance sector.

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