AMIL prepares to open new field office, launches new loan product

December 2014

AMIL prepares for the opening of a new field office in Govandi, Mumbai. This follows from its market research, which revealed that there was a high demand for financial services in the area and that the majority of the population did not have access to finance from formal financial institutions, such as banks.

AMIL also recently launched a Market Loan Product that is tailored to the needs of the urban Mumbai market clientele. The product is a unique in its offering, in that, it imbibes characteristics that are specific to the needs of these market members. Some of these characteristics include larger loan sizes and repayment collections at the market place. With the launch of this product, AMIL commenced pilot testing of mobile tablets to facilitate on field repayments from client. These tablets can be utilized to store potential client information and inquiries that are made in the market place itself. Further, this tablet via the 3G connection provides live data feed to the client officers at the time of repayment collections.