AMK in Microfinance Media

AMK was featured in a recently published CGAP Brief, “Embedding Social Performance Management in Financial Service Delivery”, as an institution that has integrated social performance management across all functions. The article highlighted that the company’s incentive structure, internal audit and research functions, and governance factor in both financial and social aspects to ensure that the SPM is indeed embedded in the entire organization and not just treated as a standalone project.

CGAP also published an interview with the authors of a forthcoming book on AMK. The interview with the authors – Anton Simanowitz and Katherine Knotts – focused on key themes that have been detailed in the book including AMK’s business model and its robust client appraisal process, the balance the institution achieves in focusing on both poverty outreach as well as commercial success and the high levels of motivation among staff, which is achieved through a strong culture and commitment to the company’s mission. The authors also stated that a deep understanding of clients is what has driven the company’s product/service design and whilst mistakes have been made along the way, the experiences have proved to be a valuable learning opportunity for AMK.