Moringaway appoints new CEO to manage the growth ambitions of the Company.

The global microfinance investor Agora Microfinance established Moringaway in 2019 as a dedicated debt facility for financial institutions with the aim to provide substantive contributions to financial markets sustainably.

Three years on, Moringaway has appointed Roanna Peat as their new CEO, aiming to bolster the company’s growth and ambitions. Other aims also include building a more expansive portfolio with debt issuances in Uganda, Zambia, India and surrounding countries.

Moringaway is part of the Agora Microfinance Group, which has trebled its portfolio during 2021. As a dedicated facility for institutional debt, the portfolio now exceeds US$15 Million and includes exposure within seven countries. The main focus of its operations is in Africa, but the facility has a longer-term goal to extend its coverage to more markets outside of Africa.

Agora Microfinance and Moringaway want to achieve the twin objective of viability as well as lowering the cost of funds for microfinance institutions, especially those with a strong social footprint. In order to drive the ambitions of the company forward, a new CEO of Moringaway needed to be appointed. Moringaway are delighted to announce their new CEO is Roanna Peat; she is an ideal candidate as she is already the Group’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Managing Director of ANMV.

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Moringaway’s current portfolio comprises financial institutions in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, India, and Cambodia. With the appointment of a new CEO, Moringaway plans to expand further during 2022 and beyond.