Moringaway Debt Facility

Agora recently launched its dedicated debt facility for promising financial institutions that aim to provide substantive contribution to their financial markets in a sustainable manner.

Moringaway will focus on three themes:

  1. Geography:  We will focus on markets in Africa and elsewhere with material pricing and availability gaps or currency or other imbalances between available funding streams and demand
  2. Market segments:  We will have a preference for institutions working with small farmers or SMEs, both of which are critical to the success of local economies
  3. Innovation:  We will have a preference for innovative approaches to financial inclusion, whether it is related to products (such as insurance), technology (such as fintech) or other innovative ways to address market challenges

Moringaway has started building its portfolio with debt issuances in Uganda, Zambia and India during the current year, including funding lines to our group companies on a market basis.  Some international lenders have also provided funding to Moringaway for its activities.  We plan to expand further during 2020 and beyond.

Moringaway has its offices in Mauritius where it is headquartered.  To obtain more information about our activities, please write to

If you are a financial institution interested in obtaining funding, please contact our Investment Analyst on