Agora Microfinance Botswana Limited (AMB)

Agora Microfinance Botswana Limited (AMB)

AMB is a microfinance institution with an exemption to operate a Financing Company in Botswana under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA). The Mission of AMB is “To serve the financial needs of Botswana, who have been financially excluded and without access to appropriate and affordable financial services, to become equal members of society.” Our typical clients are Small Micro Enterprises (SME’s) and Co-operative Entities where economic opportunities are available to the financially excluded to improve their livelihoods, move out of poverty, and be equal members of their societies.


AMB is a subsidiary of Agora Microfinance N.V. and in line with The Agora Group strategy of reaching new markets in Southern Africa, AMB was established in 2022, licensed in 2024 for greenfield microfinance institution.

Current Activities

At present, AMB is actively engaging with key stakeholders, creating suitable loan products for sustainable finance, and setting up operations in Gaborone and Molepolole.